Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 22, 2009

Still hard to believe that a day can start so loud from the waking birds and turn out to be just another day with very few actual captured. Chuck WIll's Widows and Barred Owls called in the dark and Cardinals sounded off in every direction along with the Wrens, House and Carolina.

We did end up with all migrants, though. Two Catbirds and a Common Yellowthroat. The morning was a little chilly it turned out to be a perfect day, weather-wise.

Both of our Catbirds turned out to be adult birds. The Fall seems to get us nothing but juveniles.

Gray Catbird

It was also nice to see another Yellowthroat. It has been about 2 months since our last one.

Common Yellowthroat

Meanwhile, Richard made one of the bird boxes a little more accessible for any Wood Ducks that might want to call it home.


Over at the fishing pier, Tree Swallows filled the air scooping up the emerging midges. So gorgeous to watch, so hard to photograph!

Tree Swallow

Braving the hundreds of streaking Swallows was a Wood Stork heading for a quieter wading spot.

Wood Stork

Teasing us just across the river was a huge feeding flocks which consisted mainly of Myrtle Warblers but >Kinglets, Goldfinches, Cardinals, Gnatcatchers and more was part of the feeding frenzy. They just would not grant us an audience even though our nets were waiting a mere 30 yards directly across from them.

Myrtle Warbler

Oh, well. At least we can watch the flowers bloom.



Bad weather (storms and high winds) still projected into the morning.

Next Banding Day: Sunday, April 5th.
We will open nets around 6:45 A.M.

Monday, March 16, 2009

March, 15 2009

A very loud start to the morning quickly led to a whole lot of nothing after dawn. The owls and Chuck Will's Widow were calling in the dark.

We recaptured a Hermit Thrush, a Cardinal, and previously banded House Wren before the quite settled in.

Hermit Thrush

Next Banding Day: Sunday, March 22th.
We will open nets around 7:00 A.M.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is Springing

Radar looked promising and the weather final was cooperating but there was not a lot of activity along the net lanes this day. Except for the 4 Cardinals we caught and one lingering Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

The Cardinals are getting very active now. Three of the birds we captured were recaptured residents. They are increasing their areas of activity but some are still being caught in the usual spot (Nets 9 and 13) like this male.

Northern Cardinal

A little later, this female was observed feeding near Net 7. She even perched 2 feet from the net and stared right through the mesh. Then, she flew right into it!

Northern Cardinal

Our recaptured Kinglet was banded back in November. A few Kinglets are still in the area but not for long.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

One recaptured female Cardinal seems to be giving Maria a bit of a problem. They pack quite a bite!

Northern Cardinal

Richard began to check the boxes we set up a while ago. No one has moved in yet but we will keep an eye out. A tree fell since our last visit narrowly missing this particular box near the end of the net lane.

Box checking

Fingers are crossed that the weather has broken. This was a perfect morning and it certainly seems that Spring is here, finally. Wood Ducks fly up and down the river all morning long.

Little Wekiva

Many birds are singing Springtime songs like this Carolina Wren.

Carolina Wren

Since the water is lower now, Andrew jumped the river to see if there could be a verification of a possible Short-tailed Hawk sighting. None were found but there was an observance of this Osprey continuously gathering nesting material.


The most unexpected find of the morning was this American Bittern lurking along the shore by the fishing pier.

American Bittern

A more distressing find was also found nearby. A turtle settles in to a feast of an invasive critter. It appears that the Armored Catfish are spreading all over the Wekiva Basin. Not good.

Armored Catfish

On a happier note, the Barred Owls are usually found reliably near what is thought to be their nest site.

Barred Owl

Next Banding Day: Sunday, March 15th.
We will open nets around 7:00 A.M.