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Welcome to the Wekiva Basin Banding Station! We are an all volunteer banding group currently located on the property of Lake Lotus Park in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Our nets are set in approximately 6 acres of mixed habitat on the opposite side of the main park. Visitors are welcome but we would appreciate some notice if you plan on coming out in case plans change for any reason such as weather or anything else that might cancel our day.

We currently band every available Sunday morning. Nets are opened by 30 minutes before sunrise as this is when the first birds begin waking and moving through the area. Volunteers begin arriving at the banding site 90 minutes before sunrise to set up the mist nets. If you plan to come out before sunrise remember to bring a flashlight or headlamp. Sunrise times for the following week are always posted at the bottom of each blog entry for the previous Sunday's results.

Typically, the nets remain open for 4 hours. One never knows what species of birds will be captured from week to week. The banding station runs from the beginning of August when Fall migration starts until the end of May when all migrants have left the state and the local birds continue to raise their broods. Peak season is usually October/November.


Lake Lotus is located just West of I-4 on Maitland Boulevard (414). If visiting, park along Gateway Drive. This is still park property. Walk to 414 and turn right, following the sidewalk. Before you reach the river overpass, go down the grassy slope to the gate and go through (please close the gate behind you). 100 yards along the trail you will see a table on the right. This is where we band the birds and stow our gear. If no one is there you can either continue down the trail to find us or wait at the table where we will return shortly.

UPDATE: If coming from the East on 414, there is a new exit before our parking area that is called Gateway. It will take you to a new extension of Gateway to the East of the banding site. If you take this exit you will need to take a left on Gateway, continue across SR 434, and then wind around to our parking area next to 414.

Click here for a map of directions in a new window.

This is a rural area. Close-toed shoes are recommended. We usually have bug spray at the table, if needed. There are NO restrooms or water fountains on this side of the river. The park opens at 8:30 AM and you can walk around to the main park after then.

Contact Information:

Andrew Boyle is the Master Bander in charge. Send all email concerning our banding site to: andybgator@yahoo.com.

If you get lost along the way you can call him at 407-480-6475. This number is for banding related issues on Sunday mornings only.

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  1. Hi...I wanted to out my name in the volunteer list for this weekend. The email for Andrew wouldn't open. Thanks, Gigi. g2cowgirl@yahoo.com