Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last of the Spring Migrants?

Interesting morning with a nice flurry of activity not long after sunrise. Even better when you have visitors to participate.

Our first bird was our first baby to be banded this year. A Carolina Wren. Note the fresh feathers on the nape and wings and the pin feathers on the crown. We captured Momma a few minutes later.

Carolina Wren

Our thoughts were that the next bird would be the Bird-of-the-Day: an American Redstart! We banded two males today.

American Redstart

Later, David helps Richard try to read those teeny numbers on a band while David's mom, Kathy, and Susan cheer them on.


The baby Barred Owl was hanging out near the pier all morning and one of the parents eventually flew in to see what all the begging was about.

Barred Owl

Just under where this owl was perched were a couple of Buttonbushes now in full bloom.


Though we have been hearing Northern Parula calling throughout the area since early Spring they usually stay very high up in the canopy. Just after Susan mentioned she wished we could catch one, there you go! One female Parula made a visit. Bird-of-the-Day, number 2.

Northern Parula

Next to the river, many insects were present. Mostly White Peacock butterflies and dragonflies but they were joined by a few Buckeye butterflies this morning.

Buckeye Butterfly

As we were closing up for the day we found Bird-of-the-Day, number 3. A female Black-throated Blue Warbler!

Black-throated Blue Warbler

We headed out for the day but had to make one more stop to find a plant Susan noticed earlier. It turned out to be a Leather Flower blooming next to the trail.

Leather Flower

Always something new once you slow down and take a close look.
Next Banding Day: Sunday, May 24th.

We will open nets around 6:00 A.M.

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