Sunday, October 25, 2009

Return of Another Jewel

Birds were captured in a spaced out pace this morning so it seemed actually busier than it was but we all had a good time. We even had the return of one of our 'jewels' today.

As usual, we recaptured a Carolina Wren.

Carolina Wren

Plus, we banded a new local in the form of a White-eyed Vireo.

White-eyed Vireo

House Wren numbers are even picking up. They are being reported widely throughout the state this week.

House Wren

Still capturing Indigo Buntings. Today we had both sexes represented. First up was a male.

Indigo Bunting

Always a lovely bird to witness even without being in breeding plumage.

Indigo Bunting

Later in the morning we were graced with the arrival of a female Bunting.

Indigo Bunting

We caught two Eastern Pheobes today in different stretches of the net lanes. Food must be abundant!

Eastern Pheobe

After a long draught of this species we finally caught a new American Redstart as we prepared to shut down for the morning.

American Redstart

A familiar sight to most birders staring up through the tree canopy. The spread tail of the Redstart.

American Redstart

As for the returning 'jewel', we caught and banded our first Ruby-crowned Kinglet of the season. Time to get used to their machine gun chattering in the area for the foreseeable future.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

So cute. Now we await some males with their brilliant crests.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Clocks go back next week. More birds should be on the move heading toward Winter.
Next Banding Day: Sunday, November 1st.

Remember Daylight Savings Time! Fall back.

We will open nets by 6:00 A.M.

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