Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Full Day of Adventure

Back to the regular early start and back to getting some of the usual suspects. More birds this week than the past two and a lot of other interesting finds along the way.

Regardless of the number of birds captured, the views can be spectacular.

River View

Just across the river are ripening Tangerines making us hungry.


Finally hearing the Catbirds calling up and down the river today and we caught some.

Gray Catbird

We also started catching more Hermit Thrushes

Hermit Thrush

We also got a new Carolina Wren. Thought we had them all!

Carolina Wren

Down near the pier we recaptured a feisty beautiful male Cardinal.

Northern Cardinal

Rain has been moving through the state again and has resulted in a large crop of mushroom. Especially eye-catching were these yellow versions.


They seemed to be everywhere just off of the beaten path.


Maria did a great job of capturing their beauty.


We also marveled at the wonderful spiderwebs formed in the many seeding grasses all morning.

Spider Web

Also, something has been gnawing on the lid to one of our nest boxes? Squirrels?

Nest box

On the way out of the area we found many more Ceraunus Blue butterflies like the one we discovered first last week.

Ceraunus Blue

Always an adventure!

Still checking weather to make a firm decision on the start time but leaning to keeping it early again this week. Check back Friday for a change, if needed.
Next Banding Day: Sunday, December 20th.

We will open nets by 6:45 A.M.

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