Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thrushes and Wrens and No Bears

Finally, a warmer day but not a ton of birds. This after watching NEXRAD radar the night before and it indicated large flocks of birds moving in the dark. By morning, however, they were noticed all the way to the North and into Georgia.

We were catching thrushes like this younger Hermit Thrush.

Hermit Thrush

We also captured Carolina and House Wrens but we were more excited by our first Ovenbird of the season.


Talk soon led to the fact that we haven't caught any Myrtle Warblers at this site so Andrew took a walk down by the lake to see what was flying around just past the net lanes. One interesting find was a Marsh Wren feeding in the weeds along the lake's edge.

Marsh Wren

Right after that find, a small flock of the questioned birds did fly in. Myrtle Warblers! First a few males.

Myrtle Warbler

Then a beautiful female dropped by.

Myrtle Warbler

The rest of our morning was spent walking the net lanes and deciding where we will be placing native plants in the near future. We will then monitor if certain plants attract more birds than others. Should be a fun experiment!

Spring is springing according to the Maple trees.


Suppose to be another chilly morning next weekend and we shall see what else is hanging around. Robins are on the move back North and Spring migration appears to be underway.

NOTE: No banding February, 28th. Wind chills are predicted to be about freezing. Will Winter never end?

Next Banding Day: Sunday, March 7th.

We will open nets by 6:15 A.M.

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