Sunday, September 12, 2010

More of the Same. Not Much.

At least we got one more bird than last week. Another fly-over night left us with few birds on the ground. Lots of local birds calling but not a bunch of activity at net level.

We did recapture our Cardinal with the messed up left eye from a couple weeks ago. At least it is surviving for now despite the swollen lid.

Northern Cardinal

We did manage to capture 2 more Ovenbirds. Other warblers stayed high above us all morning. Our first young Ovenbird was complete except for the missing tail!


Charles brought his grandson, Grayson, out this morning. He was a very enthusiastic volunteer and got to bring our second Ovenbird back to the table with Andrew in tow.


Our bird gets a new band and a close-up...


...then is given to our young helper for release back into the woods to head on towards its migration goals.


Grayson helped with his young eyes to spot a Ring-necked Snake as we headed back up the trail. These tiny, non-venomous snakes are often seen scurrying through the leaf litter this time of year.

Ring-necked Snake

With a lack of birds there was a lot of invasive clearing still to do. Especially now that the Skunk Vine is finally blooming. We will have to clear as much as possible before the birds start dispersing the seeds in the Spring.

Skunk Vine

A large number of bugs were viewed today. Like this Assassin Bug.


However, it should probably watch out for the lizards! Green Anoles are being displaced by Cuban Anoles in our state so it is always nice to see some of the natives during our travels up and down the net lanes.


Oh, yeah. Maria killed a Damselfly today. How could she? It was so cute...


Closer and closer to full-tilt migration!
Next Banding Day: Sunday, September 19th.

All nets will be opened by 6:45 A.M.

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