Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rather Quiet

Radar is still flat for the second week in a row. Some birds are still coming down, like Robins and Goldfinches, but most other migrants have gone through and left us watching and waiting. Typical for this time of year.

We did get a recaptured Hermit Thrush early and Maggie got a chance to band a new one, as well.

Hermit Thrush

Maggie handled most of the banding today as Andrew did some gardening by pulling a lot of invasive Skunk Vine to liberate one of the few orange trees and open up some flyways for the birds down near the lake. So, it was nice to have a Thrush to give the visitors a chance to see a couple of birds.

Hermit Thrush

We were thankful after Thanksgiving to have our friend, Paul Hueber, stop by for the day and witness the banding session. Wished we could have had more birds but that is the way it goes some weeks.

Hermit Thrush

We were hearing Kinglets all over the place today but we only caught two. There were many close calls as they flew around but they mainly stayed higher in the trees.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Maggie. Bird Whisperer.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Just missed a great male Kinglet today as it was singing and flaring its crest but the birds just did not want to hit the nets. Except for one recaptured female we banded 3 weeks ago.

Could be worse.

We also had a lot of flyovers of Phoebes, Orange-crowned Warblers and the like and saw a bunch of other fine birds like Pine Warblers and Blue-headed Vireos and the usual locals. Still wondering when the bears make their return.
Next Banding Day: Sunday, December 5th.

All nets will be opened by 6:30 A.M.

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