Saturday, December 11, 2010

No New Visitors

We headed out on Saturday today to try and avoid the weather forecast for Sunday. Arctic blast is on the way with rain and high winds. So, we head out while we can.

It was fairly quiet as we got things set up while a heavy fog dropped in but eventually birds woke up and began to move around. Mostly on the wrong side of the river. However, the first bird we caught was a House Wren we first banded on Nov. 7th.

House Wren

Soon after we got another recapture. A male Northern Cardinal we first banded Nov. 14th. In fact, all of the birds captured today were recaptures. Not a new bird in the bunch. Again, they were all across the river or high overhead.

We have been hearing Gray Catbirds every weekend but for some reason they have not been moving around much. They stay in the woods hunting down Beauty Berries in the shade. Fortunately, we did get one today. This bird was first banded October 31st.

Gray Catbird

Finally, we recaptured a Carolina Wren that we banded August 15th.

Carolina Wren

Now we huddle down around the heat as the strong front approaches but things should return to normal, temperature-wise, next week.
Next Banding Day: Sunday, December 19th.

All nets will be opened by 6:45 A.M.

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