Sunday, March 6, 2011

Most Things Overhead

Despite the abundant amount of birds overhead, we caught only four birds today. Food is everywhere up in the treetops and Myrtle Warblers lead the charge in huge flocks all morning. Robins are thinning out but Parulas are singing all over the place. The Barred Owls made a long appearance down by the peir and were being watched to make sure they didn't get into any trouble.

One of our first birds of the day was a new Northern Cardinal. Thought we had caught all of them already. Abe gets the pleasure of banding our new member of the local birds.

Northern Cardinal

A beautiful adult male always brightens the mornings.

Northern Cardinal

We also recaptured one of our Carolina Wrens.

Carolina Wren

Bird-of-the-Day was our Northern Parula. A great adult male. Typically they stay across the river or high up in the trees and this is only one of a few we have ever banded at Lake Lotus.

Northern Parula

A sure sign of spring, Northern Parula are really making a showing this season.

Northern Parula

Another good sign of Spring are the increasing amount of Spider Wort blooming in the area.

Spider Wort

As we were packing up we spotted the skink from last week still hanging out at the table. Better yet, we discovered that there were two. We wanted better views to verify the species and spent a while trying to catch one. Andrew finally grabbed one and we got some photos as it bit him.

Definitely now ID'd as a Five-lined Skink.

Five-lined Skink

Time to start seeing more migrants. Yellow-throated Vireos are singing and other birds are moving through. Next week could be fun.

Remember it is Daylight Saving Time and clocks Spring forward on Sunday!
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, March 13th

All nets will be opened by 7:10 A.M.

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