Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A View of the Flood

Andrew here. I went out today to see how much the river had risen after our 3-day rain event. Orlando recorded about 7 inches of rain in that time. A large amount of the water run-off goes into the Little Wekiva river and through Lake Lotus. My quick estimate is that the river is up about 4-5 feet since we were last out.

Bosse Lake is just across the highway from the Lotus area and when it overflows it sends water into the Little Wekiva at this point. Normally, this stream is often just a tiny trickle. Today it is full.

Flow from Bosse Lake

At the base of the Barred Owl nest tree, the river is nearly flowing onto the mulch path that runs along the river within the park.

Bench across the River

I headed down the lane and was greeted by the sight of where the river had breached the bank and right up to Net 13. Historically, this is where the river always spills over and then runs toward the back side of the lake.

Net 13

Beyond there, I could not reach Net 10 or 18. Net 10's poles are about a foot deep under water.

Net 10

I could make my way through the vegetation to reach Nets 16-17. They were still high and dry but just barely. When the lake gets full it backs up into a swampy area where we get most of our Waterthrushes. This shot is from the end of Net 17. I have never seen the 'swamp' this far up.

Net 17

A tight shot down across from Net 18 shows that the water is nearly to the base of the pier entrance. Usually, the water is several feet below the bank at this point.


Wished we could have been banding today. There are a lot of birds all along the river today including House Wrens and Common Yellowthroats. Here, a male Common Yellowthroat popped up near the banks.

Common Yellowthroat

This is the peak season for Buntings and I saw several flocks of Indigo Buntings and a couple of male Painted Buntings. They were all feeding on the Guinea Grass seeds so I couldn't get a clear shot but they are there.

Painted Bunting

Loads of other birds are there, too, and hopefully they will stick around and have more join them by Sunday. Weather is forecast to be excellent.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, October 16th.

All nets will be opened by 7:00 A.M.

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