Sunday, September 2, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

Word of the Day: Wet.


Our last storm was the previous Thursday, but the humidity is still high and shoes and pants are soaked just walking the net lanes. The past two days have opened up the East Coast for good flying weather so bird sightings were actually very low. If Andrew wouldn't have checked the net lanes on Saturday we would have been stuck with one bird this weekend. He caught 3 on Saturday with limited nets.

One new addition for the season was the return of Golden Silk Orb Weavers.

Golden Silk Orb Weaver

We did more clipping around the area to trim up some plants and waited. Near the banding table we found some mushrooms enjoying the moisture from the past few weeks.


Near Net 14, a Lubber Grasshopper rests while molting into a new set of wings.

Lubber Grasshopper

Two feet away, a very young Anole poses in the morning sunlight.


The end of the net lane was partially under water but we found a glowing pink mass near the swampy areas.

Snail Eggs

Clusters of the Apple Snail eggs are on many Cypress trunks. Should be good feeding for the Limpkins soon.

Snail Eggs

Out near the flooded spots, Primrose Willows are beginning to bloom. These plants have not been seen in numbers before. They are spreading now.

Primrose Willow

Next to the blooms, many Darners flit along the mouth of the river.

Primrose Willow

We did still manage to catch a few birds this weekend. A couple of Carolina Wrens joined the totals with one recapture and one new bird.

Carolina Wren

We also banded two new Ovenbirds.


We had a Common Yellowthroat in the nets but it escaped before recovering. However, that lets us know that this species is now on the way through and we should start banding them in numbers next week.

Seems like the remaining rain that was Isaac is trying to return into the Gulf so we will see what next week brings. Rain? Hurrying birds through the front? Time will tell, as usual.

NOTE: No banding on Sunday, Sept. 9th due to threat of rain.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, September 16th.
All nets will be opened by 6:35 A.M.

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