Sunday, October 21, 2012

Indigos Still in Numbers; House Wrens and Others Add to the Mix

Temperatures are beginning to drop but we still have a lot of dew in the morning. Still a lot of grass seed, too, as evidenced by the good number of Indigo Buntings remaining in the area. They were a good percentage of our captures today.

Indigo Bunting

Running neck and neck for the most captured species of the day were House Wrens. Last week we had none for some reason but a ton of Common Yellowthroats. Today, only one Yellowthroat and a ton of House Wrens, including this young bird.

House Wren

A surprising bird was also captured. An Eastern Phoebe. Not because it is rare, just way early in the morning.

Eastern Phoebe

It was nice to see a White-eyed Vireo again today. However, it was the same bird we banded just one week ago. Still pretty, still feisty.

White-eyed Vireo

Though we missed the big peak due to weather a few weeks ago, we will still be catching Catbirds until Spring. This was another young bird this week.

Gray Catbird

Another early capture was a female Black-throated Blue Warbler.

Black-throated Blue Warbler

It has been awhile, but we finally caught another Brown Thrasher. A family has lived in the area where we caught it but this was a new, unbanded bird. Until now.

Brown Thrasher

Another local, a recaptured Northern Cardinal, was gathered today. Checking the records we found that we first banded this bird as a fledged young bird a year and a half ago. Glad to see it doing so well.

Northern Cardinal

We got a new species for the season today. Palm Warblers have been slow to arrive this year but they are now back all over the place. We would expect Western Palms at this spot so it was nice to have a more yellow Eastern type.

Palm Warbler

The Palm Warblers were caught down near the lake. We set Net 21 late last season in hopes of getting Myrtle Warblers in the Winter. Seeing Palms down there this early might be a good sign.

Palm Warbler

Most of the Indigo Buntings were females of various ages. We were beginning to wonder if we would ever get any of the younger males. Right on cue, we got one as we headed toward the end of our morning. Note the blue feathers throughout the neck and breast feathers.

Indigo Bunting

We had also about given up on Painted Buntings. On the way to close up the nets...

Painted Bunting

Still no male Painteds yet. Perhaps next week. Not going to complain. The females are quite pretty, too.

Painted Bunting

A nice variety for this morning. Reports are trickling in of sparrows on the horizon. However, we still have the threat of Hurricane Sandy brewing. Should put out to sea but you never know.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, October 28th.
All nets will be opened by 7:00 A.M.

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