Sunday, November 4, 2012


With the bunting numbers on the decline we waited for what the day would bring. It turned out to be a pretty exciting morning. Much variety and a couple of surprises welcomed us today. Our Bird-of-the-Day (BOTD) will be at the end but was actually captured first, before dawn. The second-place BOTD was our first Swamp Sparrow of the season. We captured two today.

Swamp Sparrow

Our usual suspects were still around including several House Wrens.

House Wren

Indigo Buntings are still here but in lower numbers, which is expected. The grasses seem to be holding them around for a bit longer. We had two birds of that species this morning including a young female and an older male.

Indigo Bunting

Another local was caught. A female Northern Cardinal we first banded a while ago. We provide a stick to avoid being bitten during the banding process.

Northern Cardinal

A bird that has been on Greg's list to see up close was captured. An Ovenbird.


Our other new volunteer, Becky, was hoping for a Painting Bunting today. Near the end of the day we got a female near the end of the river. We first banded her a year and a half ago.

Painted Bunting

A White-eyed Vireo joined the stats today. A younger bird.

White-eyed Vireo

Eastern Phoebes have been very numerous this year. Their calls can be heard nearly anywhere there is open space.

Eastern Phoebe

Of course, Gray Catbirds can also be heard all over, too.

Gray Catbird

Always nice to see a returning bird from year to year. Today we captured a Hermit Thrush we first banded last January.

Hermit Thrush

Finally, our BOTD. The very first bird we caught this morning was a gray-morph Eastern Screech Owl!

Eastern Screech Owl

This is the second Screech Owl we have banded at Lake Lotus. The first was nearly 2 years ago and it was a red-morph. We released the owl by placing it gently on a stump. To our surprise, it didn't fly off for while. This provided many good photo opportunities before it eventually did return to the woods.

Eastern Screech Owl

Andrew has another shot of the owl over at his bird photo blog: Drew's Birds.

You never know what will show up on any given morning. Today showed us many of the various species that use this space for migration and as their home.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, November 11th.
All nets will be opened by 6:10 A.M.

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