Sunday, February 10, 2013

That Was Close

We have never had a day without catching a bird. We have had a couple days of one bird but never zero. Today was feeling like it might be that day. So close that we were already prepared with a picture for the blog if we got skunked...maybe with an audio clip of blowing wind.

Turkey Vulture

Fortunately, the dry spell was broken before 9 AM once we recaptured an adult male Common Yellowthroat. They have been more conspicuous over the past few weeks but have stayed out on the marshy areas of the lakeside.

Common Yellowthroat

Also out on the marsh we find growing flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds. The females seem to be scouting suitable nesting areas.

Red-winged Blackbird

Richard joined us today and checked on the nest boxes. As usual, we found only Flying Squirrels inhabiting the boxes. They are cute, though.

Flying Squirrel

One of the morning conversations was how we have not captured any Carolina Wrens in a while. So it was nice that we caught an adult today. They must be moving about just before the breeding begins for the year.

Carolina Wren

So, two birds today. Better than naught! We gathered poles and gear for our next event (see below) and noticed a new visitor hiding in the cart. A small moth.


A pretty little thing. The phots almost catch the subtle pink shades in the scales and we are trying to track down the species this week.


The Orlando Wetlands Festival is Saturday, February 16th. Our team will be there attempting to band birds and we will give information about bird banding to the visitors. Event runs from 9 AM to 3 PM. More information here.

NOTE: Due to a forecast of cold and windy conditions, we will NOT be banding on Sunday the 17th.

Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, February 24th.
All nets will be opened by 6:30 A.M.

The Great Backyard Bird Count for 2013 is February 15-18th.
Click the icon to learn more!

Great Backyard Bird Count

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