Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last Preparations Before Session 7

A few of us headed out to remove Air Potato vines and other vegetation in preparation for next week's start of Session 7 at Lake Lotus. Rains have been feeding the grasses of late but fortunately the rangers mowed again and the net lanes look great!

Net Lanes

Guinea Grass has rebounded after their poisoning by the city, as predicted, but the mowing leaves us with clear sailing all along the river.

Net Lanes

Just after Andrew took the above photo, a Wild Turkey strode out from the area around Net 14. What!?!.

Wild Turkey

Turkey seem to be making a nice growth in population around the state but you don't often see them in these parts. They have been reported in the past and can be found in more urban areas to the South.

Wild Turkey

The female Turkey was a bit weary at first but soon walked along the lanes and ate grass seeds as we set in to work.

Wild Turkey

She even stayed close by as we yanked vines a mere 10 yards away. Maybe a capture at some future point? Need to check if we have bands for them!

Wild Turkey

Closer to the lake, a Spiny Orb Weaver begins to repair its web after a night of bugs as the sunlight creates a web-bow.

Spiny Orb Weaver

Before we left, we could hear some croaking out in the marsh. Christine managed to find a few of the baby American Alligators making the noise near Net 21. We will be on the lookout for them and Mama next week.

American Alligator

So, things look ready for our next 10 months of banding. Our 7th year here along the Little Wekiva River. We had some great return data last year and some new species, too. Can't wait for another interesting year.

Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, August 3rd.
All nets will be opened by 6:20 A.M.

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