Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pretty Day

It was a pretty day, though chilly before the sunlight made it over the trees. There still are not a lot of birds around and most of our captures were recaptures. We did end up with a new Gray Catbird among the others.

Gray Catbird

Hermit Thrushes are usually found in the lower half of the nets but this recaptures was way up top.

Hermit Thrush

We had a couple of visitors and they were allow to learn about the birds we caught and then got to release them back into the woods.

Hermit Thrush

House Wrens have been around but quiet. Another recapture. Two new Palm Warblers were brought in before the end of the morning.

House Wren

Despite the cold, the Florida fauna is fairly convinced that Spring is basically right around the corner. Most trees are blooming or pushing out fresh growth like the Willows toward the lake.


For the second weekend in a row we had a male Anhinga hanging out and fishing in the river before spending some time in the breeze drying his feathers. He shows no fear unlike most of his species.


Yellow-rumped Warblers have been few and far between this Winter but we did see at least 3 of them today.

Myrtle Warbler

The resident Little Blue Heron was finding a nice resting spot in the neighbor's Bottlebrush tree.

Little Blue Heron

The sand around Net 21 revealed some nice tracks but they were carelessly stepped on by all of us before a picture was taken. Fortunately, the cat seemed to have come from the lakeside and left more tracks in the mud. We haven't spotted the Bobcat this Winter but it is out there.

Bobcat print

As we headed home, the American Alligator that now calls this part of the river home was up basking in the sunlight. I am sure we will see it again next week.

American Alligator

One more week before the Birdapalooza Festival on Feb. 7th. Waiting for more birds in the area.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, February 1st.
All nets will be opened by 6:45 A.M.

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