Monday, July 27, 2015

July Property Check

Time for the July check to see where we stand before Session 8. Rains have spurred the grasses into life and we will have to do a little work to clear some of the net areas before August.


Fallen braches are expected from some of the snags, especially after some high winds. One big snag is next to Net 19 and a large branch did fall right across the area. Should be able to clear that with a bit of effort on the planned clean-up trip in a couple of weeks.


Last month we noticed the return of the Air Potato Beetles but they only were emerging in the heavier section of the lanes. Today, we found almost no leaf untouched. Larva are beginning their work all along the river.

Air Potato

In fact, many adult mating pairs were seen on many leaves.

Air Potato Beetle

There was not a lot of bird activity on this humid day but the dragonflies were enjoying the insect bounty and occasionally resting on the blades of grasses and dead stalks.


The Marsh Rabbits are also liking the high grass right now.

Marsh Rabbit

While most of the net lanes should be mowed by the rangers, they can't get down to Net 21. Looks like a lot of clearing will be focused there soon.


On the way out there were signs of Leather Flower gone to seed. The first time we ever saw them was when they were in these whirling shapes by the first table set-up and lead us to figure out what the heck it was as none of us had seen them before.

Leather Flower

The next season we saw them blooming and there are still some blooms along the fence line near where we park.

Leather Flower

Two weeks later we found that the Air Potato Beetles were in full tilt against the invasives. Less work for us before starting the next year.

Air Potato Beetle

Though it is our state bird, we do not usually see Northern Mockingbirds on property. Habitat is not best for them here. So it was nice to see one this morning in the snags.

Northern Mockingbird

Next week we begin Session 8. Can't wait for the new discoveries in the upcoming 10 months.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, August 2nd.
All nets will be opened by 6:15 A.M.

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