Monday, November 23, 2015

A Monday Surprise

Stormy weather kept us away from our regular Sunday banding but we finally made a rare Monday appearance thanks to days off and school holidays aligning. So that was a surprise. The other surprise was our first bird capture of the morning not long after sunrise. An American Robin! We banded two Robins almost 10 years ago and that was out at Wekiwa Springs.

American Robin

Next up we captured a male Ruby-crowned Kinglet just behind the table. We banded this bird last January.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

No surprise that we caught a couple of Gray Catbirds. We got an adult and a juvenile.

Gray Catbird

Soon, another Ruby-crowned Kinglet and another male, at that! Once to be seeing the males coming through the area now.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Venturing out to the windy lake's edge we found some other birds like our resident Osprey who was perched high above the fishing pier searching for a meal.


Swamp Sparrows have not ventured up the river yet but they are darting through the branches and cattails in the marsh.

Swamp Sparrow

A Carolina Wren made a quick appearance before diving back into the vegetation but not fast enough to reveal a band. Could be the same bird seen last week or another of the same family as we have banded so many wrens here.

Carolina Wren

Western Palm Warblers are abundant and we captured 2 of them this morning.

Western Palm Warbler

Next to one of the Palms was a much yellower bird. An Orange-crowned Warbler, our second this season. We love their needle-like bills and relaxed demeanor.

Orange-crowned Warbler

This one was a male. Like the Kinglets, they have color in their crown feathers that you don't get to see too often in the field.

Orange-crowned Warbler

Heading back to the banding table we were joined by a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks that landed and called from the snags next to Net 8.

Red-shouldered Hawk

This site may have been here previously but without the proper lighting we may have missed something up in another snag. Honeycomb! Bees could be seen occasionally coming and going.


Our final bird of the day was also caught behind the table at Net 2. A recaptured Hermit Thrush. We first banded this bird almost exactly a year ago.

Hermit Thrush

Turned out to be a good idea to head on out on chilly November day. We would have missed a lot of nice surprises.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, November 29th.
All nets will be opened by 6:30 A.M.

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