Sunday, May 28, 2017

Session 9 Ends

As expected, our final day was pretty slow. Migrants are gone and the days are getting back into the 90s. The day did get off to a bit of an exciting start when Susan spotted a larger bird in Net 21. It was our third Eastern Screech Owl of the year, all new birds.

Eastern Screech Owl

All of this year's Eastern Screech Owls have been red morphs. This guy just wanted to find a place to sleep and didn't want to fly off right away. we placed him on the table for a while and kept watch to make sure he was OK. A few minutes later we decided to place him on more natural footing on the ground and he flew off a minute later. 20 minutes later, he had circled around and ended up in Net 4 where he was released to fly deeper into the woods.

Eastern Screech Owl

A little later we recaptured a female Northern Cardinal. She was first banded two years ago while we were doing our banding demo for Earth Day on the other side of the river.

Northern Cardinal

Then we captured our third juvenile Carolina Wren of Spring. The local population seems to be doing well this year.

Carolina Wren

We wrapped up Session 9 with another female Northern Parula like last week.

Northern Parula

Now we take the next two months off to let the juveniles grow up and we escape the heat. We will have a couple of maintenance days in July before opening nets again the first Sunday in August when the first migrants begin to arrive. Time to total up the captures for what definitely seemed like a slower season for us. Once Hurricane Matthew flooded us last Fall we have sunk into a drought and bird numbers were down throughout the state. Most to the returning birds decided to head up Mexico and through Texas on their way North.

Until August, thanks to all of the great volunteers, visitors, and readers of the blog! Hard to believe that next time out will begin our 10th year at Lake Lotus. Take care!! ______________________________________
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, August 6th.
All nets will be opened by 6:20 A.M.

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