Sunday, November 8, 2009

More of the Same

Another morning with a good start and then quickly retreating into quiet. Interestingly, we recaptured 2 of the three Hermit Thrushes we banded last week. Can't recall this happening before.

Here, the crew starts processing the first captures of the day.


Many of us are big fans of the Brown Thrasher. We caught 2 today.

Brown Thrasher

Also snagged another House Wren.

House Wren

Susan got a nice shot of a White Peacock butterfly this morning. They are very common around the end of the net lanes.

White Peacock

However, the most interesting bird today was this Ruby-crowned Kinglet that we recaptures from last year.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

We ID'd this bird as a female last year based on plumage but here it shows and distinctive orange crest! Further reading shows that some females do, indeed, sport a few orange feathers from time to time. It will go on the list as a female for now.

Very curious. None of us has ever found a Kinglet with orange feathers before.

Storm Ida clears through this week and should usher in a new cold front. What shall we find next Sunday?
Next Banding Day: Sunday, November 15th.

We will open nets by 6:20 A.M.

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