Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Species for the Banding Site

Not an uncommon species at all around here, but we did catch a new bird for this banding site. More on that shortly. We did capture a few more locals and Winter visitors early on which appears to be the trend this month. We catch most birds in the first hour and then dig in to habitat cleaning.

We got one recapture Carolina Wren and a new addition to the growing list of the local families. Collect them all!

Carolina Wren

There was also a new Hermit Thrush for the season.

Hermit Thrush

At one point we did get two female Ruby-crowned Kinglets down the end of the net lanes.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

The Bird-of-the-Day, however, was the very first bird netted. Right at dawn there was a very loud, squawking bird in the tangerine tree. Moments later, this bird flew into net 13 right behind a waiting Andrew.

Our very first Northern Mockingbird captured at Lake Lotus!

Northern Mockingbird

Though a very common bird, Northern Mockingbirds are seldom seen around the river and it was very exciting to capture and band this bird today.

Now if we can get a more consistent day of captures beyond 7:30 AM...

Next Banding Day: Sunday, November 22th.

We will open nets by 6:25 A.M.

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