Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Day of Flora

Should have been a bit busier but birds go where birds wanna go. Barred Owls are still calling and there has been a sighting of one of the chicks out of the nest already.

We did catch a new Brown Thrasher and Carolina Wren. Recaptures included some Northern Cardinals. This female decided to do a little break dancing.

Northern Cardinal

Overhead, a male looks down on the proceedings.

Northern Cardinal

Our other recap was a House Wren with a overlapped bill.

House Wren

Time to check the nest boxes and, as usual, nothing but Flying Squirrels.

Flying Squirrel

It was a beautiful morning and the flora and fauna added to our walks. One of the more interesting views are seeing all of the webs all over the place. They are made by the Bowl and Doily Spider (Frontinella communis).


Even more attractive with a field of flowers behind them.


Hovering over them you can get the light to flash rainbows across the surface.


Out on the trail their is a palm frond with what appears to be some insect creating all kinds of tunnels.


Across the path is a large amount of thistle along the river bank.


The big colony is no where in sight but there are a few Bumble Bees around the flowers.

Bumble Bee

Outnumbering the Bumbles are the Honey Bees.

Honey Bee

They really like the patches of Spider Wort.

Honey Bee

There are also a lot of dragonflies near the end of the net lanes. Many species were seen including this Pin-tailed Pondhawk resting on the Earthsmoke flowers.


Here, a Blue Dasher basks in the Sun.


The most common dragons are the Eastern Pondhawks.


Should be seeing plenty more life next time out!
Next Banding Day: Sunday, April 18th.

We will open nets by 6:30 A.M.

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