Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fog, Anyone?

The weather was nice enough when most of us left home well before dawn. We set nets and did a bit of maintenance before the first run. Then the fog began to set in. This is the most foggy Winter we can remember with almost everyday starting off with some degree of it around sunrise and beyond. Today dealt us a heavy dose.


A few birds were stirring just after sunrise. We had to stop and think for a minute when we heard one bird calling. What was it? Think, think...ah, yes. Brown Thrashers are beginning to sing again. Have to get used to all the Spring calls again since it has been so warm this year. As we all made it back toward the banding table, two Brown Thrashers were captured!

Brown Thrasher

Andrew banded the bird above and Becki tried her hand on Thrasher number 2. Both were 2nd year birds.

Brown Thrasher

Can't recall the last time we couldn't see the lake even when there was fog. Today, we are socked in and the stuff just kept on getting thicker.


The Barred Owls were seen and heard today. Over near the nest tree on our side, Spiny and Golden Silk Spiders weave away next to the river.


Later on, we recaptured a Gray Catbird and Greg dug into the texts to determine age and other relevant data.

Gray Catbird

We only captured four birds today. Not too surprising when you have scenes like this. This was our view at 9 AM(!). The Sun was having a rough time burning through.


30 minutes later, the clouds broke and the birds...went quiet. So we wrapped up the morning and headed home.

Normal temperatures will still abound next weekend. Just take some of this fog away. Please.
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, February 3rd.
All nets will be opened by 6:50 A.M.

The Great Backyard Bird Count for 2013 is February 15-18th.
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Great Backyard Bird Count

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