Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wintering Species Encounters

Not shrouded in fog today but the dew point was hit early so plenty of wet feet. The oaks were dripping all morning and dew clung to everything in sight including our nets and spider webs.

Spider Web

As the day wore on the dew gathered in larger drops.

Spider Web

Catbirds were very vocal and more active to day. We captured one first thing in the morning and we saw them scooting through the brush up and down the river.

Gray Catbird

The Earth Smoke is showing bigger and brighter blooms.

Earth Smoke

Most of the birds we captured today were recaps. These birds have either returned from previous years or were recently banded and staying for the Winter like this little House Wren.

House Wren

We did get one new bird today. A female Northern Cardinal. Becki got her first opportunity to band a bird here and did a fine job.

Northern Cardinal

The Holly we planted along the river is filling up with berries.


Other flowers are speckling the ground cover all the way to the lake.


Andrew and Greg have been extending the path through the grass and have made it to the edge of the lake. Now that things are warming up, the gators are starting to swim all over the place. Time to watch our step.

American Alligator

Becki spotted a Black and White Warbler up in the tree. It was scanning the bark for something to eat.

Black and White Warbler

It seemed most interested in a piece of bark before heading back to another tree.

Black and White Warbler

A White-eyed Vireo joined us for some data and photo time.

White-eyed Vireo

Some data we get simply by taking photos. Andrew was trying to take a picture of one of the many Blue-headed Vireos but they never came into the light. Pictures were taken anyway. Once on the computer an interesting sight. This is one of our banded birds!

Blue-headed Vireo

Back out at the lake edge, a Palm Warbler hops through the trees but the sunlight glints off of something. Another banded bird!!

Palm Warbler

The Black and White Warbler made another appearance in the shade. Still a pretty bird even out of the sunlight.

Black and White Warbler

These warblers are seen climbing all over the trees, even upside down. Check out those large feet which enable their nimble climbing.

Black and White Warbler

Trying to hide lower on the tree was a male Downy Woodpecker. We can see you...

Downy Woodpecker

No new migrant captures but we could hear many Waxwings around and the Red-winged Blackbirds are getting more active. Next Saturday, the crew heads to the Gulf coast to round up sparrows and then back here on Sunday!
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, January 20th.
All nets will be opened by 6:50 A.M.

The Great Backyard Bird Count for 2013 is February 15-18th.
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Great Backyard Bird Count

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