Friday, August 9, 2013

Swallow-tailed Kites at ARC

Three posts in one week?! Busy, busy...

While Andrew was working on Net 21, Richard and Christine were called over to the Avian Reconditioning Center (ARC) to band a couple of Swallow-tailed Kites. The juvenile Kites had fallen out of their nest and were brought in for rehab. Now it is time to release them so the folks at ARC asked Richard to come out and band them for future reference.

Swallow-tailed Kites

Richard banded the first Kite. The band is safely secure.

Swallow-tailed Kites

Allison Miller who volunteers at ARC got to band the second Kite.

Swallow-tailed Kites

Mark Holms, another ARC volunteer, and the woman from the Center for Birds of Prey, where the birds were brought to, prepare to release the young raptors.

Swallow-tailed Kites

One bird makes it to the rooftop to decide on the next move. That dragonfly had better be careful!

Swallow-tailed Kites

Also at the ARC facility was a juvenile Black Vulture in for some rehabing of its own. Isn't it cute?

Black Vulture

Another successful band and release. Swallow-tailed Kites begin preparations for their long journey to South America during August and most are gone by September. Good luck, kids! Er...Kites...
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, August 11th.
All nets will be opened by 6:15 A.M.

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