Sunday, August 14, 2016

Migrants Begin To Show

We arrived to a very humid morning after heavy rains the night before and our shoes were soaked by 6 AM. Bleh. Sunrise was pretty.


The morning was further brightened when Maria set Net 4 and almost instantly had an Eastern Screech Owl fly in.

Eastern Screech Owl

Maria put the owl on a stump behind the banding table and it just wanted to recline in the leaves. Andrew eventually walked over and set the owl upright and it flew off into the woods.

Eastern Screech Owl

During our first trip down the net lanes, Christine got a Louisiana Waterthrush in Net 14. Our first official migrant of Session 9.

Louisiana Waterthrush

We also came back with a pair of Northern Cardinals. This female was first banded a year and a half ago and the male we captured was a new bird for us.

Northern Cardinal

Richard found our 2nd migrant of the morning and this Ovenbird was expected this time of year.


As the morning wore on, Andrew searched for more migrants and signs of Air Potato Beetles.


Look. Lynn's Nature Corner is back! Lynn joined us and got a lot of shots of the flora and fauna like one of the many dragonflies in the area.


Lynn is always good at finding hidden gems such as this cocoon clinging to the back of a leaf.


Need some cuteness? How about a baby Anole?


Maria added to the gallery with a close-up of some Golden Oxeye.

Golden Oxeye

All the moisture in the area brings many mushrooms out into the open.


Air Potato Beetles are increasing in number up and down the lanes. A very welcome sight.

Air Potato Beetle

When we did our clan up a few weeks ago we only found them in one section between Nets 22 and 16. Now, all of the Air Potato leaves are chewed to bits. Well done, beetles!

Air Potato

Air Potato Beetle larva were even found on an Air Potato. The first time we have seen that.

Air Potato Beetle

We ended the day with a couple of recaptured Carolina Wrens and one more Louisiana Waterthrush at Net 18. Probably the one we could only get a photo of two weeks ago.

Louisiana Waterthrush

Some other migrants were seen in the area. Black and White Warbler and a female Yellow Warbler were recorded and an American Redstart was found outside the park recently. We can feel Fall on the way...
Next (planned) Banding Day: Sunday, August 21st.
All nets will be opened by 6:30 A.M.

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